Better4Life: Real Health for Real People

Better4Life is a natural health practice for real people. Based on the Westrand, we are close to nature; accessible to the city.

Our health changes the way we live, think, feel and act. It is arguably the single most important influence of our life experience. At Better4Life, we believe that health should be within the reach of us all and real health should be sustainable. Charlotte Jean, founder of Better4Life, has an inspiring passion for natural resources and making the gifts and grace of the natural environment more accessible. As a nutritional therapist, birth support specialist (doula), natural product developer and Pilates instructor, Charlotte invests her day helping others find answers to difficult health questions.

Her belief is the vision of Better4Life: “All of us can be healthy. True health is accessible to EVERYONE.” At Better4Life we believe there are real ways for us to care for our beings and care for our world. We join those who are like-minded in the pursuit of truer answers and healthier lifestyles and we do our best to share what we have learned. We support the pioneers of natural health, researchers working tirelessly to prove what generations before us have always known, and the millions of people who want to give back to this world.

We want to LIVE better. We want to BE better. We want to be Better FOR Life.

Some of our servicesnutrion

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Group Pilates Classes
  • Superfood and Herbal Range
  • Doula & Birth Coaching
  • School Nutrition and Corporate Wellness

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