There is an undeniable connection between the body, mind and spirit. All three facets need to be considered for true health to be a reality. A wellness programme must regard the key facets of a person and address ways to restore health to each part. Effective changes occur within the reality of each person’s life. And sometimes, a lifestyle needs to be changed itself. If a vocation or field of work is creating real unhappiness and disjuncture in the soul and spirit, no amount of organically grown food or specialist health supplements will restore joy. Only a change in work will. So in everything, all needs to be considered.

As a practical example, It is not enough to look at our food, but disregard the quality of our sleep. Or consider our weight, but only focus on calories and ignore nutrition. Ultimately, every decision that we make should consider that we think, feel and connect spiritually. For all parts to become well, we focus on all of our parts as a whole, not in isolation. We are mind, body and spirit. True change needs to address the way we think, feel, and connect.