About Better4life

Charlotte Jean SteenekampBetter4Life is a wellness practice with a difference: Real health for real people.


Launched in 2011, Better4life is headed up by Charlotte Jean. She is a Pilates Instructor, Nutritional Therapist, Health Speaker, Author and Skills Development Trainer.

Better4life is motivated by the desire to teach others about the natural approach for true health.

Charlotte is also the developer of a 100% natural skincare range called Africa Grace.

Why the Natural Approach Works

veggieThe human body is designed to function the most effectively with REAL food (food that is nutritionally bioavailable). Natural nutrition is still the best source of energy, healing and good health. Eating the right diet, using medicinal herbs and making lifestyle changes can have a greater impact on your health than chronic medication.

Join our group pilates classOur philosophy can be summed up as follows:

  • Eat whole foods, grown with respect and consideration
  • Only supplement where necessary
  • Keep moving with some physical challenge daily – Try our Pilates classes
  • Receive rest and sufficient deep sleep
  • Maintain a quiet mind and spirit


Find out more in Charlotte’s new book, Good Food Mattersa guide to nutrition for health and contains over 90 delicious, healthy recipes!

We have a range of herbal teas, superfoods and herbal supplements to deal with specific health challenges. Shop now.

Note: We are an independent private practice and not covered by medical aids. There are good reasons for this: Read more