Better4life Socials

Better4life socialsWe have realised there is a deep need that is often not fully addressed. We lead such full, rushed and pressurised lives in Joburg. We live chasing the clock, ticking off our to-do lists and somehow we get lost in it. We become exhausted, frustrated and life can become all about work and responsibilities and we have lost the joy of living! We are so distracted with thoughts of what we need to get done that we don’t take time to just be. To enjoy the beauty of creation, to connect with people face-to-face, to laugh, to enjoy life. So we made a decision. We decided to organise socials, events and outings that are all about setting aside some time to enjoy life, within a safe environment and we want to invite you to join us!

Our Better4life Connect Events are good, clean fun.

They are family-friendly but you are most welcome to come on your own too. All ages! There will be a wide variety of types of outings and we welcome your input. It will generally be once a month on a Saturday.

Watch our Facebook page for details or contact