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The Dangers of Treadmills

In this audio, Charlotte addresses the use of treadmills which are commonplace in most gyms in the country but many people are unaware of their dangers. Constantly using a treadmill can cause repetitive stress injuries and strain due the Read more

Kefir healed my skin

The power of Kefir I have been living in South Korea for a year now and I have become very sensitive to foods which may possibly have caused what looks like a fungal infection on my skin. When I went Read more

Ntosh's Journey to Health Part 2

I have been on the Better4life nutrition programme and I noticed something... For the past couple of days I've noticed that I'm happier, my mood is so much better – almost nothing can get me down. Also, the energy drinks – Read more

Kefir keeps me healthy!

All the Better4life products are a true God-send.  The kefir has been my medicine for everything. I have been applying the kefir on my skin for the past 3 weeks every night and my skin is producing such a Read more

Country living in the city

I picked up the March issue of “Country Life”, drawn to its fresh outdoor images. Print has suffered a decline and it’s amazing how this magazine continues to flourish, glossy and bright. And then it dawned on me. Many Read more

My advice to moms-to-be

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So I want to take my hat off to all the couples and specifically, women, who are pregnant this November. I know your body temperature is soaring with the higher temperatures, and the dry air can dehydrate you much faster. Please look after yourself. Care starts at home. Avoid heavy lifting and tight clothing. Wear natural, loose fabrics as much as you can. Don’t be a hero. You’re already one carrying another life. Oh, and avoid beauty magazines. They present false pictures that lie and make you feel less than you are. Ease your aching feet with castor oil and a few drops of lavender oil. Take regular epsom-salts foot baths. Stock up on preg-safe herbal teas e.g lemon balm, chamomile and milk thistle. Above all, breathe. Breathe. Breathe. You’re doing fine. You’re doing well. We salute you!

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