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Kefir healed my skin

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Kefir keeps me healthy!

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Country living in the city

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“What happened to make you so healthy?”

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People often ask me, “What happened to make you so healthy?” It can be awkward to reply honestly. “Well, it helped not dying.” When we get to such a desperate point in our lives, there’s no way out but up. That’s what happened to me. And I knew it would change the rest of my life, if I was given it to live. My humble response to choose life became a response to live ALIVE every day.

I’ve experienced how the body will attack itself if left in suppressed immunity and stress, and neglect for too long. I’ve also lived through chaos of the mind when I lost my now well-known ability to speak. When simple things stop working, we wake up to the gravity of death. And of life. I care, because it matters. And my health, and your health now goes beyond physical factors. It’s how we rest. Who we call friend. What we read. What we consume, and we produce every day. Healthy people are heal-thy. People who heal and bring healing.

I offer holistic wellness coaching. Contact

Easy, healthy hydrating

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Cucumber, apple and mint water. Yum!

Are you like me and you struggle to drink enough water – especially in the heat of Summer when we really need it?

Here is an easy tip that turned it all around for me: adding herbs or fruit to my water! It makes our government juice taste fabulous and the health benefits are incredible! Try putting fresh mint, cucumber and apple into a large jug overnight. Decant into a nice glass bottle to drink on the run the next morning. Super cheap, healthy and easy. Try it!

Healing herb tea

For added benefits of increased energy and improved immunity try our Better4life Healing TeaContact us to purchase the kit 

Herbal tea ingredients and their benefits:

  • Calendula leaves – cellular regeneration
  • Echinacea leaves – immune system support
  • Thyme leaves – digestion aid
How to brew the tea for maximum benefit:
  1. Add 750 ml boiling water to 4 teaspoons (tsp) of contents in glass jug or metal pot.
  2. Let contents stand covered for 15 minutes.
  3. Alternatively, to use fewer herbs and make the blend stronger, use 2 teaspoons dried herbs, add to 750 ml water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Strain contents through a tea-strainer/fine-tooth sieve. Add honey (1-2 tsp), lemon/lime juice (fresh) and ginger powder (1 tsp) to taste. Note: Optional and according to taste. 100% fruit juice (80:20 ratio of tea to juice) can also be added.
  5. Keep in a thermal flask and drink throughout the day between meals OR tea can also be drunk cold. Ideally, glass bottles should be used or BPA-free plastic.
  6. This herbal blend can be taken over time with no adverse side effects. It is ideally consumed for 3 days, with a 2-3 day break. Where possible, take a break over weekends or less busy periods so that it is consumed a maximum of 5 days of the week.
  7. Use the Healing Kit Tea kit sparingly if on blood-thinning medication as it can interfere.







Our choices do matter

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Facing my own challenges this week, I was thinking about the deep challenge we are facing in South Africa as a nation. The pressure is affecting us all. We need rain, wiser water management, better agriculture, greater peace, more tolerance, real forgiveness. A new start!

Sadly though, as the pressure increases, we can be more tempted to become hopeless and make reckless, unhealthy choices. “Why bother? It’s going up in smoke anyway.” It’s tough swimming upstream – doing what’s right even when it doesn’t seem to make a difference. What got me thinking was the reminder that I wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t bothered. If I hadn’t decided not to give up and chosen change. Honestly, I was saved and changed when I made better choices.

The choice yours. We can choose to live with hope and integrity, or we can choose to join the destruction. Somehow, our individual choices matter. Don’t give up. Let’s choose life!

View my story about the choices I made in my journey to health.


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