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The Dangers of Treadmills

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Kefir healed my skin

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Kefir keeps me healthy!

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Country living in the city

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Why Esther LOVES Charlotte’s Kitchen

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I have been thinking that my retirement plan is to live on a remote island and eat healthy wholesome food. I started having an appreciation of healthy eating since I began using recipes from Charlotte’s kitchen.

In March this year, I was told that I have Candida of the stomach as well as leaky gut. So it turns out that I am allergic to dairy products, wheat and sugar and these will be the death of me if I continue eating ‘junk food’. Therefore I was put on a four month very strict Candida diet in which I had to eliminate my favourite foods. Goodbye bread, cake, sweets, juice as well as certain fruits and vegetables.

I thought… What? I am going to go crazy. What is left for me to eat? Lettuce?

So I began this rather flavourless diet. I did however feel a huge difference, my energy levels were picking up and I was less bloated. After a month of Candida dieting, I could no longer carry on with the tasteless meals. There were just too many temptations and in my line of work I am constantly on the road so it is so much easier to buy already made food. I enjoyed ‘junk food’ too much and my health was further deteriorating.

Healthy, tasty foodCharlotte has been such a life saver, her dishes consist of healthy ingredients, plenty of vegetables, wonderful spices and not forgetting the Kefir, which can be used in just about any meal to bring out the flavour. I have been eating Charlotte’s recipes for about two months now and this is the healthiest I have been. My tummy is happy, I am regular, the bloating has calmed down significantly, I am sleeping better, and I rarely even crave the sweet stuff. Before I used to be bloated to the point where I couldn’t sit up straight at times, it was even uncomfortable to walk properly and I had to refrain from doing any form of physical activity such as running and playing netball.  I also find that I spend less time in bed during the weekends; I have become an early riser, even on the weekends.

Charlotte runs monthly cooking classes – why not come along and find out about the magic that takes place in her kitchen:

This healthy eating is all part of Charlotte’s ‘Better4Life’ programme. And I will even be better once I start exercising again. This week I will join Charlotte at one of her Pilates classes and see how it goes. I am pretty sure my body is ready for this, so much excitement! YAY! I am thoroughly looking forward to it as I do believe that a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity too.

You can find out about Charlotte’s Pilates classes in Horison and Northcliff: Better4life Pilates

As for my no make-up challenge, I went two days without make-up this week thanks to the wonders of Charlotte’s Africa Grace natural skincare range.

Thank you Charlotte!

Esther Machileka

Easy, healthy hydrating

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Cucumber, apple and mint water. Yum!

Are you like me and you struggle to drink enough water – especially in the heat of Summer when we really need it?

Here is an easy tip that turned it all around for me: adding herbs or fruit to my water! It makes our government juice taste fabulous and the health benefits are incredible! Try putting fresh mint, cucumber and apple into a large jug overnight. Decant into a nice glass bottle to drink on the run the next morning. Super cheap, healthy and easy. Try it!

Healing herb tea

For added benefits of increased energy and improved immunity try our Better4life Healing TeaContact us to purchase the kit 

Herbal tea ingredients and their benefits:

  • Calendula leaves – cellular regeneration
  • Echinacea leaves – immune system support
  • Thyme leaves – digestion aid
How to brew the tea for maximum benefit:
  1. Add 750 ml boiling water to 4 teaspoons (tsp) of contents in glass jug or metal pot.
  2. Let contents stand covered for 15 minutes.
  3. Alternatively, to use fewer herbs and make the blend stronger, use 2 teaspoons dried herbs, add to 750 ml water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Strain contents through a tea-strainer/fine-tooth sieve. Add honey (1-2 tsp), lemon/lime juice (fresh) and ginger powder (1 tsp) to taste. Note: Optional and according to taste. 100% fruit juice (80:20 ratio of tea to juice) can also be added.
  5. Keep in a thermal flask and drink throughout the day between meals OR tea can also be drunk cold. Ideally, glass bottles should be used or BPA-free plastic.
  6. This herbal blend can be taken over time with no adverse side effects. It is ideally consumed for 3 days, with a 2-3 day break. Where possible, take a break over weekends or less busy periods so that it is consumed a maximum of 5 days of the week.
  7. Use the Healing Kit Tea kit sparingly if on blood-thinning medication as it can interfere.