So, are you going away… Do you have an exotic December planned? Saving all your hard-earned coppers for a wonderful time in Cape Town, North Coast or Zanzibar? I’m sincerely proud of you, and encourage you to plan your trip thoroughly and get all your road worthy checks done. Also make sure you’re going with people you genuinely enjoy. This will make your holiday a real HOLY-day – no stress, no tension and no fuss.

For the rest of us who are staying, JHB will be nicer, quieter and happier. So don’t slump into envious depression or disappointment. Rest HERE. In your home, your neighbourhood and special places you’ve been wanting to visit all year, that are just up the road.

  1. Take day trips to places like Magaliesberg, the Free State, Rustenberg – they’re filled with wonderful side-road and onside cafes, tea gardens, places of interest and history.
  2. Find hiking and recreation areas close to you or within a day’s drive e.g. Emmerentia, local Botanical Gardens, Heidelberg Suikerbosrand. Pack a picnic, take a friend or two, and go and enjoy the BEAUTY of nature.
  3. Sit outside your home and read and doodle. Listen. Enjoy the privilege of doing absolutely nothing. BE. Prepare a delicious fruit juice blends. Serve yourself. Lie on your outside armchair or take the inside coach outside and transform surburbia into paradise.
  4. Book local shows at local theatres. Laugh. Share. Unburden your heart.
  5. Journal. Share the year and its highlights and lowlights with yourself. You’ll want to remember this. Someone will want to know. It matters that you reflect. As one famous person once said, reflection = direction.