Keep moving with some moderate physical challenge daily

The human body is a system of levers designed for movement. Prolonged (from 40 minutes upwards) periods of sitting send a message to the brain that something is wrong. In response, the brain deactivates energy burning enzymes, primarily located in the waist and posterior in order to conserve fat for illness or injury. Immune function is proven to be at its peak during moderate heart rate stimulation. It has also proven to be its lowest during no physical exertion and at risk when heart rate is above 70% i.e. the heart is being overtaxed and more free radicals are generated than protective antioxidants.

Endurance athletes age prematurely and often die from heart attacks due to consistent cardiovascular stress. In contract, the Japanese population follow a diet highly varied in ingredients (50 or more different food types in small quantities daily) and undertake moderate activity throughout their day. They also decrease their caloric consumption 15% for every decade over 30. These are interesting principles we can learn from. The body requires exercise in moderation every day, with some challenge. Simply taking the stairs, going for your morning walk and doing it briskly so that your heart beats faster equates to challenge.  This needs to occur every day and our lifestyles need to reflect our design for true health.

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