Nutritional Therapy

Human nutrition is a highly explorative and research-driven field filled with new discoveries. The key to assess the credibility of an approach is to try it out for yourself. Hippocrates, historically acknowledged as the father of modern medicine, wrote the following: “Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food.”

The human body is designed to function the most effectively with REAL food (food that is nutritionally bioavailable). Natural nutrition is still the best source of energy, healing and good health. Did you know that eating the right diet, combined with lifestyle changes will have a greater impact on your health than taking supplements or using chronic medication?

The Better4life Programme

Follow the proven Better4life Programme to improve your health and wellbeing. Each session is tailored to your own specific health needs.

  • One-Week Food Diary: Before our first consultation, each client completes a 1-week food diary. This gives an accurate picture of routines and eating patterns.
  • Initial 1-Hour Consultation:  During the first 1-hour consultation, we discuss your medical history, illnesses, family history, blood type, medication you are taking, lifestyle and eating habits. We set realistic health goals for ways to lower stress levels, increase energy and improve your overall health.
  • Personalised Eating And Wellness Plans: Based on proven nutritional principles, a personal eating plan is developed for each client. Exercise, wellness and natural medicine recommendations are also given. This includes recommended activity levels, medicinal foods and natural supplements. The main focus is to use food, superfoods and micronutrients to improve health rather than supplements. Where necessary, proven natural supplements are recommended.
    We also discuss the first step to prepare the body and mind. This is a gentle cleanse to assist the body and to remove any problematic toxins. The Better4Life cleanse results in higher energy levels, reduced water retention, glowing skin and healthier liver function.
  • Weekly Updates: There is constant support for you where the greatest change is needed. Every week, clients give feedback on their progress and can ask any questions they may have with personal attention.
  • One-Month Follow-Up Consultation: At the end of the first month, we track our progress and talk about any adjustments to your Better4Life Programme Your personal wellness plan is also reviewed and optimised.
  • 3-Month Progress Checks: Follow-up consultations are given every 3 months to monitor your progress and to give all assistance you may need for complete health transformation. This is a vital part of wellness transformation: having a personal health coach to walk alongside you and encourage you each step of the way!


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