Nutritional Therapy

Hippocrates, acknowledged as the father of modern medicine, wrote: “Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food.”

The human body is designed to function the most effectively with REAL food (food that is nutritionally bioavailable). Natural nutrition is still the best source of energy, healing and good health.

Better4life programThe Better4life Nutritional Therapy

Sessions are done ONLINE and tailored to your own specific health needs.

  • One-Week Food Diary: Before our your consultation, each client completes a 1-week food diary. This gives an accurate picture of routines and eating patterns.
  • 1-Hour Consultation:  We discuss your medical and family history, illnesses, and medication you are taking, lifestyle and eating habits. We set realistic health goals for ways to lower stress levels, increase energy and improve your overall health.
  • Personalised Eating and Wellness Plans: Based on proven nutritional principles, a personal eating plan is developed with you. Exercise, wellness and natural medicine recommendations are also given. We also discuss the first step which is a gentle cleanse to assist the body to remove any problematic toxins. The Better4Life cleanse results in higher energy levels, reduced water retention, glowing skin and healthier liver function.
  • Get the Good Food Matters Book: Everything you need to know about nutritional health and includes over 90 healthy and delicious recipes.





In July 2017 Charlotte came into my life (and my liver and my stomach) and touched and changed it. I cannot thank you enough. I believe that you have slowly but surely given me portions of my health back. I am convinced that the recommendations you have given me for cleansing my liver are helping me live a better life every day. I have more energy, I feel as though my digestive system works even better than before and I am better able to handle stress. Even my sinus problem is almost under control. I am excited with this health journey I have begun.
This is my thank you. I am singing your praises to one and all.
Semwano Chonya

I think I must be driving everyone mad, but I am so impressed with the products, both Africa Grace skincare and Better4Life.  I do not know when last I have felt this great.  I sleep like a baby, I am almost too relaxed at work and my overall energy levels have improved unbelievably. I just wish I found you guys 10 years ago!
Annesta Barradas