Facing my own challenges this week, I was thinking about the deep challenge we are facing in South Africa as a nation. The pressure is affecting us all. We need rain, wiser water management, better agriculture, greater peace, more tolerance, real forgiveness. A new start!

Sadly though, as the pressure increases, we can be more tempted to become hopeless and make reckless, unhealthy choices. “Why bother? It’s going up in smoke anyway.” It’s tough swimming upstream – doing what’s right even when it doesn’t seem to make a difference. What got me thinking was the reminder that I wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t bothered. If I hadn’t decided not to give up and chosen change. Honestly, I was saved and changed when I made better choices.

The choice yours. We can choose to live with hope and integrity, or we can choose to join the destruction. Somehow, our individual choices matter. Don’t give up. Let’s choose life!

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