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Better4Life has developed a natural range that is both affordable and locally produced.  These superfoods boost immunity, increase energy and improve stress levels. Shop online here

Better4Likefir-strainerfe Kefir

Kefir has been used by millions of people across the globe for a documented 5,000 years. The name is associated with the Turkish word ‘keyif’, meaning joy.
The white Kefir grains are composed of yeasts and bacteria living in a symbiotic relationship. They cannot be recreated in a lab. The Kefir grains themselves are not eaten but milk, fresh fruit juice or sugar water is added and then the entire mixture is strained through a sieve to create an extremely beneficial drink.

Milk Kefir is a similar to yoghurt or buttermilk but it is a far more potent probiotic, enzyme-rich food. Fruit Kefir is a fizzy cordial made from 100% fresh fruit juice. Water Kefir is made with just needs sugar water to create a nutritious natural soda water.

It is a superfood that is naturally lactose free so it beneficial for anyone, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, those who are casein protein and lactose-intolerant, vegans, diabetes 2 and celiac patients.

Various kits available. Make it yourself at home with one of our complete kits with full instructions.  A small amount of Kefir can last a lifetime as it multiplies with time.

See the video on how to make it here.


BetterLife Moringa20130505201223-indiegogo_moringapow

Moringa is a medicinal tree that is indigenous to parts of Africa and Asia which is used to treat more than 300 diseases and disorders of the body. Moringa is the richest source of potassium as it contains 15 times the potassium content of a banana and has the ability to decrease high blood pressure. Moringa leaf powder is nutrient rich natural vitamin supplement. It is used by athletes as a natural performance enhancer. Regarding safety and efficacy, Moringa Tree Leaf is organic, perfectly safe for pregnant mothers and there are no known side effects.

Moringa is the one of the most bio-available and broad-spectrum superfoods as it contains 90 + nutrients and 46 antioxidants. It can also be sprinkled over food or added to your favourite drink. Only 1/4 tsp is needed daily making it very affordable as a vitamin supplement. It is an incredibly potent immune booster, amongst other health benefits.

Available as a powder or as convenient capsules. Now also formulated into a Moringa porridge

Kombucha For Life

kombucha kitThis health drink is known as the “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese and originating in the Far East around 2,000 years ago. Kombucha is made by fermenting green tea and honey using a  bacteria and yeast called SCOBY. Kombucha tastes amazing has many health benefits as it contains b-vitamins, enzymes and probiotics which are tied with the following effects:

  • Improved Digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Immune Support
  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Cancer Prevention


Get the Kombucha Starter Kit and make it yourself at home!