Better4Life Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnancy CoachingWhen we become pregnant the excitement of carrying a baby often overwhelms the wisdom of how to carry this new life healthily and enjoyably. Pregnancy is a long-distance training programme and labour is the final race. Are you ready? As a woman, it’s the most demanding and strenuous feat your body will ever perform. Your physical health, emotional resilience and preparation for mothering make all the difference!
Regardless of whether a mother-to-be selects natural or caesarian delivery, her physical health before, during and after pregnancy is critically important for recovery, infant bonding and adjustment to a life-changing role.
My question is: Why not give you and your baby the best and invest in your health NOW? No one runs the comrades marathon unprepared…

At Better4Life we can support you with:

  • Optimal nutrition during pregnancy
  • Tools to assist with the best possible delivery
  • Labour doula and lactation specialist referrals
  • Recovery post-birth

We also offer:

  • Fertility support naturally
  • Medication-free contraception


Contact: or call: 079 797 7450 / 084 588 6470 Johannesburg area.