I’ve been listening to the sounds of a vacuum cleaner next door. My neighbour’s really getting into the dust and dirt! Cleaning. It’s a vivid picture for me of how my life gets dirty and dusty quickly, and I need it cleaned – inside-out. My tendency is to leave the dirt. Go another day or two before I really can’t ignore it anymore. What struck me is that a house is always needing cleaning. A little here. A little there. Then everything stays ordered and pleasant to live in. It’s the same for my health and my moment by moment life. We need to remain motivated to look after our health. Interestingly, if we are clean on the inside it will show on the outside. Eat right and you’ll see it immediately on your skin. You will feel it in your body.

Follow the Better4life Nutritional Therapy guidelines in my Good Food Matters book and feel the difference.