People often ask me, “What happened to make you so healthy?” It can be awkward to reply honestly. “Well, it helped not dying.” When we get to such a desperate point in our lives, there’s no way out but up. That’s what happened to me. And I knew it would change the rest of my life, if I was given it to live. My humble response to choose life became a response to live ALIVE every day.

I’ve experienced how the body will attack itself if left in suppressed immunity and stress, and neglect for too long. I’ve also lived through chaos of the mind when I lost my now well-known ability to speak. When simple things stop working, we wake up to the gravity of death. And of life. I care, because it matters. And my health, and your health now goes beyond physical factors. It’s how we rest. Who we call friend. What we read. What we consume, and we produce every day. Healthy people are heal-thy. People who heal and bring healing.

Much of my health knowledge is summed up in my new book: Good Food Matters.

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