Why I love Kefir!

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I have been drinking Kefir I got from Better4life for a few months now after Charlotte recommended this fermented drink for general health – its a superfood! I have just been drinking and drinking and drinking because I believe in the healing of Better4life products.

I must admit, that at times I can be a selective listener and I don’t think I listened or I might just have a memory of a gold fish but I think there was something she said about ‘straining the Kefir grains’ every day or so. What? Seriously? So much admin for healthy living? I admit to leaving leaving the grains in the jar to the point where it turned into ‘Kefir feta cheese’, hehe! Luckily I was still able to strain the Kefir version of feta cheese as the grains are known to last for a very long time. Not advisable to wait so long but not a real problem at least.

I really enjoy drinking my Kefir despite its sourish taste. In fact I hardly ever taste the sour anymore but rather its goodness to heal. I have even discovered that Kefir can be used when cooking; giving my food more than flavour, WHOLESOMENESS is the word.

An unexpected benefit:

Before I was introduced to Kefir, my mornings were always slow, I felt tired with eyes that were blood red and I experienced a burning sensation, not forgetting the bags under my eyes. I would use all sorts of eye drops which were a super temporary fix and could cause damage to my eyes in the long run.

Within the last three weeks or so I have noticed that my eyes are not as red as before when I wake up in the morn. Even though I still experience a bit of the burning sensation it is not as bad as it used to be but I am so satisfied with the progress, the red is clearing and Charlotte told me that the inflammation is wearing off. YAY, Betterlife!

I no longer have to wake up looking like I am sleep deprived. So the admin has totally been worth it, it’s no longer a tedious task for me but rather a way to a healthy, clean lifestyle. I love Kefir!

Get your Kefir kit!

Esther Machileka