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Rhodiola Rosea capsules
Rhodiola Rosea Capsules

Mental, stress, energy and sleep support


Better4life energy tea
Better4life Energy Tea

Consistent energy tonic aid for physical and mental endurance.


Rafaa Probiotic 1L
Rafaa Probiotic

Restore gut bacteria, improve IBS, Candida, acid & indigestion


Good Food Matters Book
Good Food Matters Book

Charlotte’s nutrition book. Over 90 tasty and healthy recipes.


Pilates videos DVD
Pilates Class DVDs

20 x 30 minute videos. Ideal for home use.


‘Live from your heart. Act out your beliefs. Make healthy choices.’

‘Pilates as it can be done safely at any age and gives a full body workout.’

‘Invest in your body’s health now and you will reap quality of life in the future.’

‘All change is a collection of little steps in one direction. Make a change.’

‘Those who enjoy their movement, their food and their lifestyle choices are happy and well.’

‘Staying healthy is about maintaining your wonderful engine – your mind, body and spirit.’

‘Joy is delight in life. Celebrate your life. It is a gift, no matter what.’

‘Know your heart. Live your values. Become the person you’d like to know.’

‘Eat right and you’ll see it immediately on your skin. You will feel it in your body.’

‘Don’t compete with others or try to be like someone else. Discover the wonder of just being yourself!’

‘Eat whole-foods, grown with respect and consideration for the environment.’