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Group Pilates Classes in Horison, Roodepoort

Healthy, healing movement is one of the key aspects in becoming “Better4Life.”

Our Pilates classes are cardio in nature and also help to enter the second energy cycle which is for muscle strengthening and endurance, with excellent results.

During the 2020 lockdown Pilates classes were done online. Some of these videos are available for purchase to use at home. GET THE PILATES VIDEOS

Roodepoort Pilates Classes

Group Pilates classes in Horison, Roodepoort:

Hervormde Kerk Horison, 34B Georginia St, Roodepoort
Mondays and Wednesdays: 4 – 4.45pm OR 5.15 – 6pm
2 lessons per week:
• R475 per month • Senior citizens: R430 per month • Scholars (10-18yrs): R250 per month

FIRST CLASS IS ONLY R50 (unless a member has referred you – then first class is FREE).
NO CONTRACTS. Ladies & Men welcome.

Contact or 084 588 6470 for more info.

Equipment needed: a pilates mat, small ball (over ball), big ball and magic circle or theraband. These can be purchased from sports retailers or online stores like For your first class, come with at least a towel to lie on if you don’t have anything else. You can still enjoy the class. Bring a bottle of water. Await confirmation from us before coming.


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Directions and map to Pilates venue:

Coming from Mouton road (off Ontdekkers), turn LEFT into Georginia Street and the church is on left opposite the park. Click on the map to go to Google maps.


“My overall health goal is to take better care of my body through dedicating time to exercise and doing things to support and strengthen it. I find the Pilates classes to be a calming and humbling experience of being together with ladies from other backgrounds, age groups and physical abilities all being committed to one goal which is making our bodies better through exercise.” Lerato

“I love everything about the classes. I love being around the positive, loving, caring, Christian friends.  I enjoy the exercises and I always feel good after attending Pilates. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly people” – Marina

“My goal is to increase my fitness level through Pilates. I enjoy the fact that the classes are Christian based, prayer is included, the instructor is super knowledgeable and an expert, super friendly and approachable (unlike other stiff lipped instructors). I also enjoy the different tempos including cardio and stretching. My kids cannot believe that I actually prefer this now to yoga.” – Bridgit

“I started Pilates to get more flexible and fit and I enjoy everything about it. I can see a huge difference after only being there a month. I would highly recommend the classes.” – Rene
‘I started Pilates to strengthen my core and lose weight through the activation of these muscles and to incorporate it into my own teaching due to its lovely health benefits. I love warm atmosphere and great variety of people of all shapes and sizes. I enjoy the music and variety of exercises. After a short time I can already feel more control and stability of muscles throughout my body. My mood is so chilled and relaxed and I always have a solid, deep rest that night.’ – Justin

‘I enjoy everything about the classes, from the setup to the communication to the warm reception. There has been an improvement in my health and general flexibility of my body, though I haven’t reached my target yet. I highly recommend the classes to others.” Themba

‘I started the class in March 2022 to try to lose weight and strengthen my joints. I love our amazing instructor, Charlotte, who is a woman of God and I highly recommend her. I feel destressed after each session and I can feel a difference in my weight and stress levels.’ Adelle

‘Pilates strengthens my body and we exercise in a beautifully relaxing atmosphere. I am much fitter and stronger in my body and energised in mind.’ – Christa

‘I started Pilates to strengthen my muscles and core and get flexible again after double hip replacements and my range of movement has improved. I love the camaraderie and variety of routines.’ – Jill

‘I love pilates because it brings relaxation, builds my core and makes me fit. I sleep well and feel better overall.’Madelein

‘I started Pilates to strengthen my leg after an op and just to enjoy movement. I can feel a difference to my body and leg and I feel more confident. You work at your own pace and strength and Charlotte assists you when it’s difficult to keep up.’ – Bronwin

‘I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain as well as stress and Pilates was suggested and it has really helped! My neck pain has improved dramatically and its wonderful to have learnt stretches that I can use at any time should I feel stiff or sore in any part of my body. I also do the stretches at home every night and I have felt an immediate difference to my sleep which is much improved. The class is also something I look forward to every week as it is always so good for us. It is a safe, relaxed environment and you are able to go at your own pace. You compete only with yourself and it is wonderful to move and discover what the body can actually do. Charlotte is encouraging and caring and often so funny that you forget all about the pain. Her piano music that she plays brings a real sense of God’s peace. The ladies are friendly and one feels totally at home.’ – Rosemary

‘This class helps reduce my stress levels significantly. We empower each other each week to do better. There are no judgements and I have a lot of fun getting to know everyone in the class. Charlotte is an amazing instructor who encourages us to try the movement or stretch and who is interested in our well-being. After each session I can’t wait for the next.’Caitlyn

‘I started having back problems 8 years ago and a friend suggested Pilates. I have so much more flexibility and stamina than when I began. My back issues are under now control. I enjoy the fun and intuitive instructor that we have. Exercises are effective and well thought through and there is always an alternative for those experiencing any particular problem.’ Melissa

‘Each class is a new challenge, it is never the same and I feel better within myself after doing what I can manage. I would recommend Charlotte any day.’ – Lyn

‘I was involved in an car accident and got whiplash and it was recommended to do Pilates to assist with recovery from that injury. It is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with stimulating exercise. I find it to be good for stress management, to ease tension and the classes keeps me fit and healthy.’ – Belinda

‘It is peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to do pilates and good workout filled with humour and care. The classes have built my confidence and fitness level.’ – Karen

‘I had an injury and I read up on pilates where it indicated it would help strengthen my muscles. The classes work your muscles without even noticing the effort it takes. I’m a lot more flexible and positive.’ – Debbie

‘I decided to do Pilates to manage my stress levels and better my health. It helped me to find more balance in my life, decrease my stress levels and to enjoy exercise again. There is something special about discovering that you are able to do something you were unable to do previously and seeing your body growing stronger with each class. Every class is different and challenges you in a different way than the previous one and the energy of the people helps to lift your spirits when you have had a difficult day. Charlotte not only helps you to become physically stronger but also mentally and spiritually.’ – Richelle

‘I started doing pilates to regain mobility I lost through a back injury. I have been able to strengthen my core muscles while having fun. There is no pressure when you are unable to keep up, just loads of laughs with the other class participants.’ – Anita

‘I hurt myself at Crossfit and wanted to continue with some exercise so I chose Pilates. I really enjoy the vibe, the stretching and the prayers. I find it really relaxes me.’Caroline

‘I started Pilates classes due to back pain from a slipped disc and I had no more back pain within 2 weeks of doing the classes. I feel stronger and fitter and it has made me a healthier person overall. The classes and the environment that Charlotte creates is one that is welcoming, fun and supportive. Everyone is able to go at their own pace without needing to feel pressured. It is a healing environment where there is always laughter!’  – Elize

‘I love being in the class: I love the movement, I love being challenged. It’s such a safe and restful place. A place I can just breathe, away from a noisy world. It’s the only exercise I’ve really stuck to, although there are some days it’s difficult to get there. But, once I’m there and afterwards, I just feel so good. And I just want to thank you, for providing a space like that and an exercise like that. A ministry. That’s what it is. To body, soul and mind.’  – Jenny

‘I have not done much exercise at all during the past year (sigh) and am trying to get started again. Today’s stretching and Pilates had my muscles smiling (if that’s possible) with a feeling that they had been given a dose of oxygen. Thanks! I really enjoyed the class.’ – Diane

‘After quite a few years of doing pilates I am now moving. Just wanted to say thank you – I enjoyed the classes and the love and fellowship of all. I will miss the people and the exercise. God bless you and may your classes go from strength to strength.’ – Cheryl.

‘Thank you for showing us what our bodies are able to do and helping us to get stronger every class.’ – Anemia

‘Charlotte, I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t like exercise, but I look forward to the pilates classes every week. You carry the peace of God and I take sooo much rest and peace from the 2 hours every week. You have an amazing gift to assist people into wellness on all levels. May you be a source of support to many others.’ – Carien

‘Pilates was recommended by my Neuro Specialist to try and strengthen the muscles around the spine and the core, this prevented the need for a back operation.’ – Bev

‘It is an encouraging and safe environment in which to challenge oneself to reach and surpass physical strength and wellbeing in each session.’ – Mary

‘I do sedentary office work and was concerned about my fitness levels as well as my health and my overall body toning and wellbeing. I found the Pilates classes to be calm, tranquil yet focused exercise. Charlotte is amazing and understanding, she gauges our abilities for the day and paces the class accordingly.  I love that after a day of stress I go to Pilates and leave feeling relaxed and good about myself. I love pilates and find it stimulating, exciting and fitness is attainable without having to lift huge weights.’ – Karen

‘Attending a pilates class with Charlotte is not only a physical body exercise experience, but also a “special treat” to your soul and spirit. I realised that my muscles had more strength than I thought and I have such mental clarity after each session.’ – Annali

‘Thanks to Pilates I have better balance.  It has enabled me to perform any task without back pain or particular effort.’ – Helen

‘I have renewed energy levels and suffer less from stiff joints. My general physical and mental agility has improved.’ – Wendy

‘I had backache from an inherited back curvature and a friend suggested Pilates might help. I find the exercises well within my capabilities, even as I am not young and no athlete. I enjoy the variety as no session the same.  I now walk with no pain and my posture is much improved.’ – Sandra

‘Being part of Charlotte’s Pilates class has helped me to begin exercising regularly again. I’ve developed in strength and flexibility throughout my body, especially my weak abdominal and back muscles. The class is really motivating – she makes it fun and encourages us to keep going! Doing the exercises with a group of people who you get to know better week by week makes it really enjoyable too.’ – Diane