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Cucumber, mint and apple water

cucumber-apple-juiceAre you like me and you struggle to drink enough water – especially in the heat of Summer when we really need it?

Here is an easy tip that turned it all around for me: adding herbs or fruit to my water! It makes our government juice taste fabulous and the health benefits are incredible! Try putting fresh mint, cucumber and apple into a large jug overnight. Decant into a nice glass bottle to drink on the run the next morning. Super cheap, healthy and easy. Try it!


Healing herb tea

Herbal tea ingredients and their benefits:

  • Calendula leaves – cellular regeneration
  • Echinacea leaves – immune system support
  • Thyme leaves – digestion aid

How to brew the tea for maximum benefit:
  1. Add 750 ml boiling water to 4 teaspoons (tsp) of contents in glass jug or metal pot.
  2. Let contents stand covered for 15 minutes.
  3. Alternatively, to use fewer herbs and make the blend stronger, use 2 teaspoons dried herbs, add to 750 ml water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Strain contents through a tea-strainer/fine-tooth sieve. Add honey (1-2 tsp), lemon/lime juice (fresh) and ginger powder (1 tsp) to taste. Note: Optional and according to taste. 100% fruit juice (80:20 ratio of tea to juice) can also be added.
  5. Keep in a thermal flask and drink throughout the day between meals OR tea can also be drunk cold. Ideally, glass bottles should be used or BPA-free plastic.
  6. This herbal blend can be taken over time with no adverse side effects. It is ideally consumed for 3 days, with a 2-3 day break. Where possible, take a break over weekends or less busy periods so that it is consumed a maximum of 5 days of the week.
  7. Use the Healing Tea sparingly if on blood-thinning medication as it can interfere.


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