So many of us would like to make a change. But we need to find the right time and motivation to do so. Charlotte speaks on a variety of topics including making good food a daily reality, nutrition, natural beauty, women’s health and lifestyle changes for energy and immunity, destressing through fun movement and more.

Charlotte speakingSpeaker & Trainer

Charlotte is a natural health speaker for events. In her transparent style, she shares gems woven with personal experiences to empower lives with freedom and transformation. She was a keynote speaker at a TedX Lyttelton Women’s Conference and has been a speaker on the DSTV Real Health show.

Charlotte is also a skills development trainer in the private sector.

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“I was thoroughly impressed by her talk at our conference. Her determination to see people truly empowered and transformed leads her to work passionately in the space of authentic wellness. The lasting impact her work has had in our corporate environment has been inspiring. The difference she has made challenged the status quo. Well done!”  DHL Human Resources Head

“Charlotte did a special pamper session for less privileged women in the Toekomsrus community. Charlotte is an electrifying public speaker. Her passion for the subject matter is infectious. In just one hour, the attendees gained a fresh perspective. Charlotte has professional expertise and it shows. She interacts with the crowd and draws her audience in using humour. Several times her comments were punctuated by spontaneous applause from the floor.” Rev. Eunice Sediti

“Charlotte was incredibly knowledgeable about her Africa Grace skincare products and the techniques used to apply them. I had a lovely afternoon at her pamper day and still apply the tips I learned in my beauty routine. The passion she exudes when speaking gets me excited about what she is excited about and that is a rare gift!” Robyn Cassidy

“Charlotte is extremely knowledgeable and well-informed, with a wide field of interest. She is so interesting to listen to and you learn so much from her, she is never boring or rhetorical, her advice and ideas are always worth receiving. She is an excellent teacher and speaker and has a huge compassion for people.” Lindy Dabrowski

“The key speaker, Charlotte, presented herself and her products in a very honest, real, natural way which blessed the ladies.  We immediately felt accepted, valued and encouraged to appreciate what God has and is doing in our lives as women.She has the ability to reach the individual even in a large group. Her kind, gentle demeanour draws people.” Jane Lawther

“I love the way, Charlotte naturally puts everyone at ease. The participation levels immediately increase upon her address of the room. She is constantly upgrading her skills and keeping abreast of developments in her field and this is a good indication of her growth. Her main strengths lie in her enthusiasm, patience and respectfulness of others no matter who they are.” Melissa Tavira